December 10 All Events

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December 10th, 2007 (December 10 2007)DeathAqsa Parvez, Canadian victim of an honor crime (born in 1991)
December 10th, 2006 (December 10 2006)EventOne million Lebanese opposition supporters gather in downtown Beirut, calling for the government to resign.
December 10th, 2006 (December 10 2006)DeathAugusto Pinochet, Chilean President (born in 1915)
December 10th, 2005 (December 10 2005)DeathEugene McCarthy, U.S. Senator (born in 1916)Eugene McCarthy Quotes
December 10th, 2005 (December 10 2005)DeathRichard Pryor, American comedian and actor (born in 1940)
December 10th, 2002 (December 10 2002)DeathAndres Kung, Swedish-Estonian politician, journalist (born in 1945)
December 10th, 2001 (December 10 2001)DeathAshok Kumar, Indian actor (born in 1911)
December 10th, 2000 (December 10 2000)DeathMarie Windsor, American film actress (born in 1919)
December 10th, 1999 (December 10 1999)DeathRick Danko, Canadian bassist and singer (The Band) (born in 1942)
December 10th, 1999 (December 10 1999)DeathShirley Hemphill, American actress (born in 1947)
December 10th, 1999 (December 10 1999)DeathFranjo Tudman, President of Croatia (born in 1922)
December 10th, 1996 (December 10 1996)EventRwandan Genocide: Military advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General and head of the Military Division of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations of the United Nations Maurice Baril recommends that the UN multi-national forces in Zaire stand down.
December 10th, 1996 (December 10 1996)DeathFaron Young, American singer (born in 1932)
December 10th, 1995 (December 10 1995)DeathDarren Robinson, American rapper (The Fat Boys) (born in 1967)
December 10th, 1994 (December 10 1994)DeathKeith Joseph, English politician (born in 1918)
December 10th, 1994 (December 10 1994)DeathAlexander Wilson, Canadian athlete (born in 1905)
December 10th, 1992 (December 10 1992)DeathDan Maskell, English tennis commentator (born in 1908)
December 10th, 1991 (December 10 1991)DeathGreta Kempton, American artist (born in 1901)
December 10th, 1991 (December 10 1991)DeathHeadman Shabalala, South African singer (Ladysmith Black Mambazo) (born in 1945)
December 10th, 1990 (December 10 1990)BirthGiulia Boverio, Italian actress
December 10th, 1990 (December 10 1990)DeathArmand Hammer, American industrialist and art collector (born in 1898)
December 10th, 1989 (December 10 1989)EventTsakhiagiin Elbegdorj announces the establishment of Mongolia s democratic movement that peacefully changed the second oldest communist country into a democratic society.
December 10th, 1988 (December 10 1988)DeathRichard S. Castellano, American actor (born in 1933)
December 10th, 1987 (December 10 1987)BirthGonzalo Higuain, French-born Argentine footballer
December 10th, 1987 (December 10 1987)DeathJascha Heifetz, Russian-born violinist (born in 1901)Jascha Heifetz Quotes
December 10th, 1986 (December 10 1986)BirthMatthew Bates, English footballer
December 10th, 1986 (December 10 1986)BirthRyoichi Tsukada, Japanese acrobat
December 10th, 1986 (December 10 1986)DeathSusan Cabot, American actress (born in 1927)
December 10th, 1986 (December 10 1986)DeathKate Wolf, American folk singer and songwriter (born in 1942)
December 10th, 1985 (December 10 1985)BirthT. J. Hensick, American ice hockey player
December 10th, 1985 (December 10 1985)BirthRaven-Symone, American actress and singerRaven Symone Quotes
December 10th, 1984 (December 10 1984)BirthJayson Paul, American professional wrestler
December 10th, 1983 (December 10 1983)EventDemocracy is restored in Argentina with the assumption of President Raul Alfonsin.
December 10th, 1983 (December 10 1983)BirthPatrick Flueger, American actor
December 10th, 1983 (December 10 1983)BirthHabib Mohamed, Ghanaian footballer
December 10th, 1983 (December 10 1983)BirthKatrin Siska, Estonian singer
December 10th, 1983 (December 10 1983)BirthZe Kalanga, Angolan footballer
December 10th, 1982 (December 10 1982)BirthTim Deegan, Canadian MuchMusic VJ
December 10th, 1982 (December 10 1982)BirthShilpa Anand, an Indian film and television actress
December 10th, 1982 (December 10 1982)DeathFreeman Gosden, American actor (born in 1899)
December 10th, 1981 (December 10 1981)EventThe United Nations General Assembly approves Pakistan s proposal for establishing nuclear free-zone in South Asia.
December 10th, 1981 (December 10 1981)EventDuring the Ministerial Session of the North Atlantic Council in Brussels, Spain signes the Protocol of Accession to NATO.
December 10th, 1981 (December 10 1981)BirthRyan Pini, Papua New Guinea swimmer
December 10th, 1981 (December 10 1981)BirthFabio Rochemback, Brazilian footballer
December 10th, 1981 (December 10 1981)BirthTaufik Batisah, Singaporean singer
December 10th, 1980 (December 10 1980)BirthSarah Chang, American violinist
December 10th, 1980 (December 10 1980)BirthLedley King, English footballer
December 10th, 1980 (December 10 1980)BirthMassari, Lebanese-born Canadian singer
December 10th, 1979 (December 10 1979)BirthMatt Bentley, American professional wrestler
December 10th, 1979 (December 10 1979)DeathAnn Dvorak, American film actress (born in 1912)
December 10th, 1978 (December 10 1978)EventArab-Israeli conflict: Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin and President of Egypt Anwar Sadat are jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.Menachem Begin Quotes
December 10th, 1978 (December 10 1978)BirthBrandon Novak, American skateboarder
December 10th, 1978 (December 10 1978)BirthSummer Phoenix, American actress
December 10th, 1978 (December 10 1978)BirthDonna Williams, co-founder of Neopets
December 10th, 1978 (December 10 1978)DeathEdward D. Wood, Jr., American filmmaker (born in 1924)
December 10th, 1977 (December 10 1977)BirthEmmanuelle Chriqui, Canadian actress
December 10th, 1977 (December 10 1977)DeathAdolph Rupp, American basketball coach (born in 1901)
December 10th, 1975 (December 10 1975)BirthJosip Skoko, Australian footballer
December 10th, 1974 (December 10 1974)BirthMeg White, American drummer (The White Stripes)
December 10th, 1973 (December 10 1973)DeathWolf Vishniac, American microbiologist (born in 1922)
December 10th, 1972 (December 10 1972)BirthMarcos di Palma, Argentine racing driver
December 10th, 1972 (December 10 1972)BirthBrian Molko, Belgian-born singer and songwriter (Placebo)
December 10th, 1972 (December 10 1972)BirthDimitri Tikovoi, French-born record producer
December 10th, 1971 (December 10 1971)BirthBrian Nichols, American spree killer
December 10th, 1969 (December 10 1969)BirthRob Blake, Canadian ice hockey player
December 10th, 1968 (December 10 1968)EventJapan s biggest heist, the still-unsolved "300 million yen robbery", occurs in Tokyo.
December 10th, 1968 (December 10 1968)DeathKarl Barth, Swiss theologian (born in 1886)
December 10th, 1968 (December 10 1968)DeathGeorge Forrest, Northern Irish MP (born in 1921)
December 10th, 1968 (December 10 1968)DeathThomas Merton, American monk and author (born in 1915)
December 10th, 1967 (December 10 1967)DeathOtis Redding, American soul singer (born in 1941)
December 10th, 1966 (December 10 1966)BirthMel Rojas, Dominican baseball player
December 10th, 1965 (December 10 1965)BirthJ Mascis, American musician
December 10th, 1965 (December 10 1965)BirthStephanie Morgenstern, Canadian actress
December 10th, 1962 (December 10 1962)BirthJohn de Wolf, former Dutch International footballer
December 10th, 1960 (December 10 1960)BirthKenneth Branagh, Northern Irish actor and director
December 10th, 1959 (December 10 1959)BirthMark Aguirre, American basketball player
December 10th, 1958 (December 10 1958)DeathAdolfo Camarillo, American horse breeder (b.1864)
December 10th, 1957 (December 10 1957)BirthMichael Clarke Duncan, American actor
December 10th, 1957 (December 10 1957)BirthPaul Hardcastle, English composer and musician
December 10th, 1957 (December 10 1957)BirthPrem Rawat, known also as Guru Maharaj Ji and Maharaji, American Indian spiritual leader and speaker
December 10th, 1956 (December 10 1956)BirthTim Kurkjian, American baseball writer and analyst for ESPN
December 10th, 1954 (December 10 1954)BirthJack Hues, English musician
December 10th, 1953 (December 10 1953)DeathAbdullah Yusuf Ali, Indian-born scholar and translator (born in 1872)
December 10th, 1952 (December 10 1952)BirthClive Anderson, English television presenter
December 10th, 1952 (December 10 1952)BirthSusan Dey, American actress
December 10th, 1951 (December 10 1951)BirthEllen Nikolaysen, Norwegian singer
December 10th, 1951 (December 10 1951)DeathAlgernon Blackwood, English writer (born in 1869)
December 10th, 1950 (December 10 1950)BirthTom Towles, American actor
December 10th, 1949 (December 10 1949)EventChinese Civil War: The People s Liberation Army begins its siege of Chengdu, the last Kuomintang-held city in mainland China, forcing President of the Republic of China Chiang Kai-shek and his government to retreat to Taiwan.
December 10th, 1948 (December 10 1948)EventThe UN General Assembly adopts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Today is also International Human Rights Day.
December 10th, 1948 (December 10 1948)BirthAbu Abbas, founder of the Palestine Liberation Front (died in 2004)
December 10th, 1947 (December 10 1947)BirthDouglas Kenney, American humorist (died in 1980)
December 10th, 1947 (December 10 1947)BirthR?sul Quliyev, Azerbaijani politician
December 10th, 1947 (December 10 1947)BirthRainer Seifert, German field hockey player
December 10th, 1946 (December 10 1946)BirthThomas Lux, American poet
December 10th, 1946 (December 10 1946)DeathWalter Johnson, American baseball player (born in 1887)
December 10th, 1946 (December 10 1946)DeathDamon Runyon, American writer (born in 1884)
December 10th, 1945 (December 10 1945)DeathTheodor Dannecker, SS officer (born in 1913)
December 10th, 1944 (December 10 1944)BirthSteve Renko, American baseball player
December 10th, 1944 (December 10 1944)DeathJohn Henry Cound Brunt, Victoria Cross holder (born in 1922)
December 10th, 1941 (December 10 1941)EventWorld War II: The Royal Navy capital ships HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse are sunk by Imperial Japanese Navy torpedo bombers near Malaya.
December 10th, 1941 (December 10 1941)EventWorld War II: Battle of the PhilippinesImperial Japanese forces under the command of General Masaharu Homma land on the Philippine mainland.
December 10th, 1941 (December 10 1941)BirthFionnula Flanagan, Irish actress
December 10th, 1941 (December 10 1941)BirthTommy Kirk, American actor
December 10th, 1941 (December 10 1941)BirthTommy Rettig, American actor (died in 1996)
December 10th, 1941 (December 10 1941)BirthChad Stuart, English singer (Chad and Jeremy)
December 10th, 1941 (December 10 1941)DeathColin Kelly, American pilot (born in 1915)
December 10th, 1939 (December 10 1939)BirthBarry Cunliffe, English university professor
December 10th, 1938 (December 10 1938)BirthYuri Temirkanov, Russian orchestral conductor
December 10th, 1938 (December 10 1938)BirthPorter Goss, American politician, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency
December 10th, 1936 (December 10 1936)EventAbdication Crisis: Edward VIII signs the Instrument of Abdication.
December 10th, 1936 (December 10 1936)DeathBobby Abel, English cricketer (born in 1857)
December 10th, 1936 (December 10 1936)DeathLuigi Pirandello, Italian writer, Nobel laureate (born in 1867)
December 10th, 1935 (December 10 1935)EventThe Downtown Athletic Club Trophy, later renamed the Heisman Trophy, was given to halfback Jay Berwanger of the University of Chicago. This award was given to the best college football player east the Mississippi River.An Wang Quotes
December 10th, 1935 (December 10 1935)BirthTerry Allcock, English footballer
December 10th, 1934 (December 10 1934)BirthHoward Martin Temin, American geneticist, Nobel laureate (died in 1994)
December 10th, 1933 (December 10 1933)BirthMako, Japanese-born American actor (died in 2006)
December 10th, 1932 (December 10 1932)EventThailand adopts a Constitution and becomes a constitutional monarchy.
December 10th, 1928 (December 10 1928)BirthDan Blocker, American actor (died in 1972)
December 10th, 1928 (December 10 1928)BirthJohn Colicos, Canadian actor (died in 2000)
December 10th, 1928 (December 10 1928)DeathCharles Rennie Mackintosh, Scottish architect, designer, and illustrator (born in 1868)
December 10th, 1926 (December 10 1926)DeathNikola Pasic, Kingdom of Serbia and Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes prime minister (born in 1845)
December 10th, 1925 (December 10 1925)BirthJean Byron, American actress (died in 2006)
December 10th, 1925 (December 10 1925)BirthCarolyn Kizer, American poet
December 10th, 1924 (December 10 1924)BirthMichael Manley, Prime Minister of Jamaica (died in 1997)
December 10th, 1923 (December 10 1923)BirthHarold Gould, American actor
December 10th, 1922 (December 10 1922)BirthLucia Hiriart, First Lady of Chile (1974-1990), wife of Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet
December 10th, 1920 (December 10 1920)BirthClarice Lispector, Ukrainian-Brazilian writer (died in 1977)
December 10th, 1920 (December 10 1920)BirthReginald Rose, American writer (died in 2002)
December 10th, 1920 (December 10 1920)DeathHorace Elgin Dodge, American automobile manufacturing pioneer (born in 1868) Horace Quotes
December 10th, 1919 (December 10 1919)BirthAlexander Courage, American composer
December 10th, 1918 (December 10 1918)BirthAnne Gwynne, American actress (died in 2003)
December 10th, 1918 (December 10 1918)BirthAnatoli Tarasov, Russian ice hockey coach (died in 1995)
December 10th, 1917 (December 10 1917)BirthSultan Yahya Petra, King of Malaysia (died in 1979)
December 10th, 1917 (December 10 1917)DeathSir Mackenzie Bowell, fifth Prime Minister of Canada (born in 1823)
December 10th, 1914 (December 10 1914)BirthDorothy Lamour, American actress (died in 1996)
December 10th, 1913 (December 10 1913)BirthMorton Gould, American composer (died in 1996)
December 10th, 1913 (December 10 1913)BirthHarry Locke, English actor (died in 1987)
December 10th, 1912 (December 10 1912)BirthPhilip A. Hart, U.S. Senator (died in 1976)
December 10th, 1911 (December 10 1911)BirthChet Huntley, American journalist (died in 1974)
December 10th, 1911 (December 10 1911)DeathSir Joseph Dalton Hooker, English botanist (born in 1817)
December 10th, 1909 (December 10 1909)BirthHermes Pan, American choreographer and dancer (died in 1990)
December 10th, 1908 (December 10 1908)BirthOlivier Messiaen, French composer and ornithologist (died in 1992)
December 10th, 1907 (December 10 1907)EventThe worst night of the Brown Dog riots in London, when 1,000 medical students clash with 400 police officers over the existence of a memorial for animals who have been vivisected.
December 10th, 1907 (December 10 1907)BirthRumer Godden, English writer (died in 1998)
December 10th, 1907 (December 10 1907)BirthLucien Laurent, French footballer (died in 2005)
December 10th, 1906 (December 10 1906)EventU.S. President Theodore Roosevelt wins the Nobel Peace Prize, becoming the first American to win a Nobel Prize.Theodore Roosevelt Quotes
December 10th, 1904 (December 10 1904)EventFounding of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity.
December 10th, 1903 (December 10 1903)BirthUna Merkel, American actress (died in 1986)
December 10th, 1902 (December 10 1902)EventWomen are given the right to vote in Tasmania.
December 10th, 1901 (December 10 1901)EventThe first Nobel Prizes are awarded.
December 10th, 1899 (December 10 1899)EventThe Delta Sigma Phi fraternity is founded at the City College of New York.
December 10th, 1898 (December 10 1898)EventSpanish-American War: The Treaty of Paris is signed, officially ending the conflict.
December 10th, 1898 (December 10 1898)EventThe first western pilgrims were welcomed at The House of `Abdu llah Pasha
December 10th, 1896 (December 10 1896)DeathAlfred Nobel, Swedish inventor and founder of the Nobel Prize (born in 1833)Alfred Nobel Quotes
December 10th, 1891 (December 10 1891)BirthSir Harold Alexander, British Army Field Marshal, first Earl of Tunis (died in 1969)
December 10th, 1891 (December 10 1891)BirthNelly Sachs, German-born writer, Nobel laureate (died in 1970)
December 10th, 1884 (December 10 1884)BirthZinaida Serebriakova, Russian-born painter (died in 1967)
December 10th, 1882 (December 10 1882)BirthOtto Neurath, Austrian philosopher (died in 1945) Philo Quotes
December 10th, 1880 (December 10 1880)BirthFred Immler, German actor (died in 1965)
December 10th, 1878 (December 10 1878)BirthRajaji, India s freedom fighter and the first Governor General of independent India (d.1972)
December 10th, 1870 (December 10 1870)BirthMary Bonaparte, pretender to the French imperial throne (died in 1947)
December 10th, 1870 (December 10 1870)BirthAdolf Loos, Austrian architect (died in 1933)
December 10th, 1870 (December 10 1870)BirthPierre Louys, French author (died in 1925)
December 10th, 1869 (December 10 1869)EventWyoming grants women the right to vote.
December 10th, 1869 (December 10 1869)EventThe first American chapter of Kappa Sigma is founded at the University of Virginia.
December 10th, 1868 (December 10 1868)EventThe first traffic lights are installed outside the Palace of Westminster in London. Resembling railway signals, they use semaphore arms and are illuminated at night by red and green gas lamps.
December 10th, 1865 (December 10 1865)DeathKing Leopold I of Belgium (born in 1790)
December 10th, 1864 (December 10 1864)EventAmerican Civil War: Sherman s March to the SeaMajor General William Tecumseh Sherman s Union Army troops reach Savannah, Georgia.William Tecumseh Sherman Quotes
December 10th, 1861 (December 10 1861)EventAmerican Civil War: the Confederate States of America accept a rival state government s pronouncement that declares Kentucky to be the 13th state of the Confederacy.
December 10th, 1855 (December 10 1855)BirthMarios Varvoglis, Greek Composer (died in 1967)
December 10th, 1851 (December 10 1851)BirthMelvil Dewey, American librarian, (died in 1931)
December 10th, 1850 (December 10 1850)DeathFrancois Sulpice Beudant, French mineralogist and geologist (born in 1787)
December 10th, 1836 (December 10 1836)EventEmory College (now Emory University) is chartered in Oxford, Georgia.
December 10th, 1831 (December 10 1831)DeathThomas Seebeck, Baltic German physicist (born in 1770)
December 10th, 1830 (December 10 1830)BirthEmily Dickinson, American poet (died in 1886)Emily Dickinson Quotes
December 10th, 1827 (December 10 1827)BirthEugene O Keefe, Canadian businessman and brewer (died in 1913)
December 10th, 1824 (December 10 1824)BirthGeorge MacDonald, Scottish writer and preacher (died in 1905)George MacDonald Quotes
December 10th, 1822 (December 10 1822)BirthCesar Franck, Belgian composer and organist (died in 1890)
December 10th, 1821 (December 10 1821)BirthNikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov, Russian poet (died in 1877)
December 10th, 1820 (December 10 1820)BirthPrincess Elizabeth of Clarence (died in 1821)
December 10th, 1817 (December 10 1817)EventMississippi becomes the 20th U.S. state.
December 10th, 1815 (December 10 1815)BirthAda Lovelace, English mathematician (died in 1852)
December 10th, 1805 (December 10 1805)BirthJosef Skoda, Bohemian physician (died in 1881)
December 10th, 1804 (December 10 1804)BirthCarl Gustav Jakob Jacobi, German mathematician (died in 1851)
December 10th, 1787 (December 10 1787)BirthThomas Hopkins Gallaudet, American educator (died in 1851)
December 10th, 1751 (December 10 1751)BirthGeorge Shaw, English botanist and zoologist (died in 1813)
December 10th, 1750 (December 10 1750)BirthTipu Sultan, ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore (died in 1799)
December 10th, 1736 (December 10 1736)DeathAntonio Manoel de Vilhena, Portuguese ruler of Malta (born in 1663)
December 10th, 1684 (December 10 1684)EventIsaac Newton s derivation of Kepler s laws from his theory of gravity, contained in the paper De motu corporum in gyrum, is read to the Royal Society by Edmund Halley.Isaac Newton Quotes
December 10th, 1665 (December 10 1665)EventThe Royal Netherlands Marine Corps was founded by Michiel de Ruyter
December 10th, 1665 (December 10 1665)DeathTarquinio Merula, Italian composer
December 10th, 1626 (December 10 1626)DeathEdmund Gunter, English mathematician (born in 1581)
December 10th, 1618 (December 10 1618)DeathGiulio Caccini, Italian composer
December 10th, 1603 (December 10 1603)DeathWilliam Gilbert, English scientist (born in 1544)
December 10th, 1588 (December 10 1588)BirthIsaac Beeckman, Dutch scientist and philosopher (died in 1637) Philo Quotes
December 10th, 1541 (December 10 1541)EventThomas Culpeper and Francis Dereham are executed for having affairs with Catherine Howard, Queen of England and wife of Henry VIII.
December 10th, 1520 (December 10 1520)EventMartin Luther burns his copy of the papal bull Exsurge Domine outside Wittenberg s Elster Gate.Martin Luther Quotes
December 10th, 1508 (December 10 1508)EventThe League of Cambrai is formed by Pope Julius II, Louis XII of France, Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and Ferdinand II of Aragon as an alliance against Venice.
December 10th, 1508 (December 10 1508)DeathRene II, Duke of Lorraine (born in 1451)
December 10th, 1452 (December 10 1452)BirthJohannes Stoffler, German mathematician and astronomer (died in 1531)
December 10th, 1394 (December 10 1394)BirthKing James I of Scotland (died in 1437)
December 10th, 1198 (December 10 1198)DeathAverroes, Arab physician and philosopher (born in 1126) Philo Quotes
December 10th, 1041 (December 10 1041)EventEmpress Zoe of Byzantium elevates her adoptive son to the throne of the Eastern Roman Empire as Michael V.
December 10th, 1041 (December 10 1041)DeathMichael IV the Paphlagonian, Byzantine Emperor (born in 1010)
December 10th, 0949 (December 10 0949)DeathHerman I, Duke of Swabia

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